Friday, July 27, 2007


We are still waiting to hear what Dr. Taylor thinks of Trudy's x-ray & what he thinks can be done to help her walk on that foot. I have her on antibiotics, & have managed to get her bed sores cleaned up & dry enough that the dirt & gravel doesn't stick so much. I've also brushed her a couple of times. Judging from her demeanor when I'm brushing, I would say it's one of her favorite past times........!!!! She also likes to eat & has already learned to beg when we are feeding.

Yesterday morning we changed the bandage Nancy put on at the Vet Clinic. I don't think she ever wanted it to be removed. John finally managed to cut & wrestle it off. Then I had to figure out a new one. It wasn't quite as elaborate, but still looks OK today. I used a piece of inner tube as the "skid" on the bottom, which seems to be working We'll change it tomorrow morning. She isn't really cooperative, hopefully as we do it more often, she'll get easier to work with.

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