Thursday, July 19, 2007

This is Sugar & Molly checking each other out. I think this was about the last time they were close to each other. Since Remington went to his new home, & Tula went to stay with Terry for training, Sugar has been hanging with Lucy, Buster, Pepper, Shiloh & Belle. Molly finally wore Mirage down, & now is allowed into the inner circle of horses & mules. So much for my great idea of these 2 being girlfriends, because they are close in age. It goes to show people don't always know what works with animals.

I knew that donkeys don't always bond with horses, & prefer their own kind. With mules I guess because momma was a horse, they like to hang out with horses. If you really want to humble yourself, think you know what's best. Animals will usually prove you wrong.

Heard that Remington will accept treats, but is being standoffish with his new family. I'm sure it won't take long for him to let them touch him, he's such a "mellow fellow".

Also heard that Tula is being Tula. Some days she's suspicious & some days not. She also nailed Terry with a rear foot. Terry mentioned something about 2 stubborn females, use to having their own way.............hmmmmm this might get interesting. My money is on Terry.........!!!!!

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