Saturday, July 14, 2007


We did a home study for Jack yesterday, & it looks like he's going to have a great home. He'll be with a donkey named Tio, 2 horses & 3 dogs. The area is hilly & rocky, so he'll get exercise & the rocks will be good for his feet. His rear feet are very upright, & I thought that was called coon footed. But after checking out some information on the web, it looks like he's more club-footed. Laura says the guy that trims their horses & Tio is very good, so maybe he can trim some of the extra heel height a little at a time. His feet don't seem to bother him, so maybe they have always been like that. We are going to let him out with the rest of the "herd" today, for the first time, to see how he gets along. He was with horses up until a few months ago, & has been by himself since. I'm sure he will get along just fine, as long as he realizes BlackJack is in charge.......!!!! If he doesn't agree to that, there may be a problem, he's built sturdier than BlackJack & is quite a bit younger. But I'm sure they'll do just fine.

Last night we left Sugar in with Molly all night. The idea is, to get Molly to bond with Sugar, so when we let her out of the pen, she hopefully won't run around like a crazy mule........!!! From the body language of both of them this morning, I don't think they are going to be "girlfriends". They basically are ignoring each other. If Jack's outing today goes well, we'll probably let Molly out tomorrow. We're certainly not going to let 2 new ones out in the same day........!!!!! I just hope she isn't going to run around like crazy & hurt herself. Yesterday morning she turned the hay wagon over, by stumbling over it. She seems to be something of a "train wreck".....!!!

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