Tuesday, July 10, 2007


We picked up Jack, the donkey today in Avra Valley, north of Tucson. Boy, he is a big boy, I think he's as big as BlackJack, & built very drafty. Friendly as a pup, & hopped in the trailer like we were going to a party. I'll try to get a picture of him tomorrow. He seemed overwhelmed by all the "eyes" looking at him when we got home. He's been by himself for quite sometime, so I would imagine it was quite a shock to see all these long ears.

We also got a call today about a molly mule that has had some health problems, but is now healthy & is too rough on the mini horses she is suppose to be protecting. The woman thought she was about 2-3 years old when she got her, but now thinks she's less than a year old. Not a good age for a guard, be it donkey or mule. I don't have enough of the particulars to know if she is trying to play or if she actually is trying to hurt the minis. It sounds like she's going to end up out here. The woman is keeping her in a stock trailer right now, because she can't keep her in a fence. I know nothing about training a young mule, except you better know more than the mule...........!!!!!!

Jenny has been on her antibiotics for 5 days & I have to say both of her front feet look much better. One foot has an area of proud flesh the other has a open area 1 1/2 inch by 1/4 inch right below the coronary band, that has "oozed" ever since we've had her. I would imagine that is the area that has blown "50" abscesses in a year, as the owner told me. Not sure about earlier but since she's been here, I don't think she's had abscesses, I think it's just been an open area leading to the jumbled bones in her foot, that have ongoing infection. The Naxcel seems to have dried up the oozing, & she is walking much better & seems more comfortable.

Terry keeps me posted on how Tula is doing. It sounds like she's making progress, but it's going to take awhile. Tula isn't willing to give up her independence without a fight. Terry believes she is a reincarnated opera singer. She is one of the loudest donkeys we've ever had, & she does sound like she's making sure the people in the back row can hear her.................!!!! (G)

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