Wednesday, August 01, 2007

CONTINUING SAGA.......!!!!!!!!

Monday I called to check on the little pony & found out the Vet had been out & ran an IV, but it had infiltrated & needed to be redone. Unfortunately the Vet had appointments & couldn't come back out, so we hitched up the trailer, picked him up & took him to the Vet clinic. They re-ran the line & we took him home. Haven't heard how he's doing, hopefully he's getting along just fine. The Vet said his teeth were really bad, but she also thinks he might have sand colic, even though he had gut sounds. They were going to run 5 bags of IV fluid thru him in about 24 hours, which should get things moving. He pooped & peed in the trailer, which we all really got excited about........!!!!

Heard back from Dr. Taylor about Trudy's foot. He thinks the tendon or tendons can be cut & put a cast or splint on it & help her walk better. He's out of town this week, so we will call next week & ask some more questions. I don't want to make her worse than she is, but if there is a chance to make her better we'll try. Nancy our local Vet said she would do it & I know she is very capable. But the Vet clinic up at Gilbert, is the largest Equine Clinic in the Southwest. There are many Vets in that clinic, an operating theatre with recovery room, indoor stalls & outdoor pens is they need to stay overnite. It's a 24/7 clinic, although I don't know if someone is on the grounds overnight. This is her only chance at a normal life, & we want to make sure she has the best opportunity available. It hasn't been that long since we took Belle to a Vet clinic in Tucson, & although they did surgery, they didn't get the cyst removed from her jaw. Dr. Taylor did....................sooooooooooo! I hate to haul Trudy that far, but we will probably leave her for a day or two & then go get her. That way if she needs some extra attention, she will be where she needs to be.

Jenny is limping around again. She was trimmed last week, & seemed to go lame right afterwards. But I'm beginning to wonder if she isn't getting a buildup of infection in her left front foot again. She was on Naxcel for 10 days, which seemed to dry up the oozing infection & she was walking good. Finished the Naxcel a couple of days before she was trimmed.............hmmmmm! If it didn't get all the infection, it stands to reason, that it could be in there causing problems.

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