Saturday, August 11, 2007


The weatherman seems to think we will still get some rain. I hope so, we certainly need it after over 6 years of drought. John was working over on the 20 acres we call "Burroland" yesterday. The last time the wash ran a few days ago, it took out the perimeter fence that runs across the wash. He had to dig some post holes, & found it moist down about 18-24 inches, which is good. Everything is really green right now, at least everything the donkeys haven't eaten. They don't let any plant material get very tall, before it becomes a snack. So far we haven't noticed very many mesquite beans in their poo. If the beans start showing up, they will not be able to go over on burroland until the range cattle eat the beans. Lucy is carrying enough extra weight right now, I'm thinking of putting her in the Fat Farm. Unfortunately Buster would be absolutely heartbroken if he was separated from her. And if you put him in a pen, he has panic attacks, so I'm still trying to come up with a plan. This is a picture of Firecracker, a little donkey I was lucky enough to see born a couple of years ago. I was visiting with a friend in Alamos, Sonora Mexico & we were attending a fiesta on one of the local ranches. Stephanie, one of the owners was going to show me the 2 jennies, but only one came up to the fence & brayed at us. We back tracked her, & the jenny was just getting ready to lay down, so this little guy wouldn't fall on his head. Stephanie has quite a few mules, & this little guy is in line to become one of her herd sires.

Everyone is doing pretty good, although Jenny the big girl is pretty lame on her left front foot. I checked this morning to make sure she didn't have something caught on the bottom & saw nothing, so I assume something is going on inside. I hope the infection isn't coming back. The Naxcel really took care of her long term infection, but if there was any infection hiding someplace, it could be building up again. I'm still treating a glob of proud flesh on her right front foot. I think it's getting smaller, but it's going to take a long time, I'm afraid.

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