Wednesday, August 08, 2007


This is the part of rescue I don't like. Sometimes there just isn't anything left to do. We got Trudy in the trailer this morning & hauled her to Gilbert as planned. We knew it was a long shot that cutting the deep flexor tendon would allow her foot to come forward. It had been contracted for quite some time & Dr. Taylor ended up cutting 3 tendons to no avail. He finally tried pulling forward as hard as he could on her fetlock joint. It didn't move at all. We all knew then, that it was over. He asked if we wanted to bring her home. I saw no reason to put her thru another long trailer ride, just so we could bury her here, they euthanized her before we left. She was only here about 2 weeks, but it was as hard to make the decision, as if she had been here for years. I know it was best for her, her other front shoulder & leg were under a lot of pressure & in the not too distant future, she would either have foundered in that foot, or damaged the shoulder so much, she wouldn't be able to move.

We didn't get home until about 7:30........ everyone was gathered in the driveway, BlackJack even met us at the gate. Life goes on, & they expect to be fed on time, no matter what. I gave them all an extra scratch for Trudy.

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jacquie said...

Ah, that is so sad. What a hard decision to make. You tried to do what was best for her. I am so sorry the results weren't as you had hoped. At least you gave it a shot and that's all that any donkey can ask for.