Sunday, August 05, 2007


I might be off line for awhile, my computer is acting up again & probably will need to go to the "hospital", or be replaced. Everyone is doing good right now, enjoying the wild food, compliments of all the rain & humidity we've been having. Although they hate the actual wetness with a passion.

We will try to get Trudy operated on this week, & get her on the road to recovery. We trimmed her good front foot a little this morning. She was laying down, so John laid across her neck to hold her down, & I trimmed. She has almost no frog on that foot at all & has some thrush, which is a nasty smelly infection that eats away at the frog. Could be why she doesn't have much frog. I soaked it with tea tree oil, which seems to work good on thrush. We will have to clean that foot every day & make sure it's healing. Even though we gave her half a ginger snap when we started & the other half when we finished, she hopped up when we were done, & let us know we had over stepped the bonds of friendship. Tomorrow should be interesting...........!!!!!

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