Tuesday, August 14, 2007

NO RAIN, HOT & HUMID.............!!!

John had to go to Tucson early this morning & by the time I got done with feeding, filling water buckets, doctoring & picking up poo, I was wondering when the monsoon will be over. I'M READY........!!!! I don't mind the heat, but the humidity makes you miserable when you have to work in it. The weatherman has quit jabbering so much about rain now. I've noticed the nights are starting to feel different, cooling off a little quicker & not so sticky, so we might be heading into fall.

Jenny & her feet are doing better. She's still lame on the left front, but is willing to put weight on it. So I'm assuming that it isn't a build up of infection after all. Everyone's feet look lousy right now. I don't know if the humidity makes their feet grow faster, or the rain makes the feet softer or what. But almost everyone has big chunks of hoof missing here & there with some cracks thrown in to make it interesting. She's the only one lame, so I won't worry about them too much. I do a "walk around" every morning to make sure everyone is OK & so far everyone is passing inspection.

Last night Cinder(ella) came to stay for about 3 weeks. Her Mom has been traveling with her, camping out & riding in Colorado & had planned on staying out until October. But she had to make a trip to California on business & didn't want to drag Cinder with her. Mirage was all excited when we drove in with her in the trailer. I don't know if he thinks she's his sister or his mother or what, but I know he recognized her, by the way he acted. McDee bought Mirage, a couple of years ago when he was a baby with the idea of replacing Cinder, who is now in her mid 20's, as her main trail horse. But he has gotten so big, she doesn't know if he'll work out for her or not.

Everyone else seems to be doing good. We've got to make an appointment up at Gilbert to take Buddy Brat & Molly for check-ups. Because of the damage to Molly's belly, I want to know if she should or should not ever be ridden or worked. I'm sure she had scar tissue from the surgery, & I personally feel, she probably should only be a pet. Buddy needs to have blood tests to find out, if he has an medical excuse for being overweight or if he's just a little pig.........!!!!! Right now we seem to be really busy, so it might have to wait awhile.

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