Friday, August 31, 2007

DOCTORING DAY........!!!!

We certainly had an interesting morning today. Poor old Pepper, thinks he is the answer to a maiden's prayers. He has Cushings, is Insulin Resistant, has a bad knee, & won't see 30 again. Probably won't see 35 again. None of that has anything to do with his idea of how he should behave if one of the girls gives him that "come hither" look. Most of the girls think he's kinda cute & put up with his nonsense.........BUT the other younger boys aren't impressed with his attention to the girls. Especially if it's their personal girlfriend, like Buster & Lucy, or Belle & Shiloh. When Pepper came in from Burroland this morning he looking like he had ran his head & neck thru a buzz saw. One ear was also rather badly abused. In the wilds a lot of the older jacks, will only have one ear or an ear that no longer stands up because when they fight, ears are easy to grab & hang on. I got him cleaned up & he wasn't the least bit interested in eating, he wanted out, so he could go play. Nothing like an old fool, I guess. He finally did get out, but Belle & Shiloh are penned up for a few days, until things cool off. I was afraid if I just penned Belle, that Pepper & Shiloh would be outside the pen fighting.

We had to soak Jenny's hoof that has the proud flesh or whatever it is, on it. There are some areas that are dead, that I cut off after soaking. I hadn't soaked her foot for awhile, but she did pretty good, although she did decide when the soaking was finished, by jerking her foot out & spilling the water.

I noticed last night when I was taking fly masks off that Jack the mule had goop in his blind eye. John puts masks on in the morning, so he checked it out & told me the upper eyelid was swollen. Unless we're really feeling lucky, we try not to mess with him much. He has definate ideas about what can & can't be done to him. You don't want to be on the receiving end of his opinion, of what he DOESN'T want done to him. I haltered him, we tied him up & I tried to see if there was something in his eye. Then I tried to rinse the eye with eye wash. I finally tried eye wash on a rag & rubbing the eye. He actually seemed to like that. Still don't know what's wrong with it. I put some eye ointment in & we'll see how it looks tonight.

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