Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Katie was here this morning to trim. Jenny has been walking pretty good lately, but her feet were really long & had started chipping around the edges. . All the rain & humidity seem to make everyone's hooves grow fast. Pepper & Lucy needed trimming as usual. And Mirage was pretty long.

Jenny actually behaved pretty good. She only squashed Katie once against the cross tie pole. When she first came here last spring, she was really difficult to work with. She is big enough to hurt you, & reacted like she had been getting away with stepping on people, kicking & squashing them against whatever was handy. She seems to have a hard time standing on her left front foot, when you need to pick up the right front. The right front visually looks worse than the left but obviously isn't. So when Katie was doing the right, Jenny wiggled & fussed, & "squashed". But once it was done, she stood still for the other 3 & was a good girl.

Everyone else self trims on the rocky ground we have around here. John & I have the tools if someone needs to have a bad place trimmed, but for the most part they do just fine on their own. That's good, I can think of a lot of things I'd rather do, than bend over at the waist, knees bent to an uncomfortable position, fight for possession of a foot, trying to trim & rasp it, as my glasses try to slide off the end of my nose from a buildup of sweat.......!!!! This time of year it's too hot & humid, I don't know how Katie does it.

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