Wednesday, June 17, 2020


Her feet are still tender, but she enjoyed roaming around.  I don't think she went very far from her pen.  We are going out to eat tonight to celebrate Suzanne's birthday and our 59th anniversary.  We started roundup early because we figured she might be a problem to get back in the pen.  

She rounded herself up and put herself in her pen.  John was escorting someone else to their pen, walked by her pen and there she was.  Not only is she cute she is easy to work with.  

Headed out this morning

Not in any hurry

This area is just west of the pens and is the only place we saw her

She had to smell just about everything, I guess everything smells different than what she's use to
Tomorrow Suzanne is headed out early, so John and I will be "chief cooks and bottle washers for a few days.  Tomorrow morning we'lll take DJ the palomino pony for a dental appointment.  The flies love his mouth, so I would imagine he needs some attention.  He actually might be going to a new home that has horses.  He's been with donkeys for years and of course we only have donkeys here.  He stays by himself, so maybe if he was around horses, he might find a friend.  We'll find out. 

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