Monday, June 22, 2020


The last few days I have been doctoring one of Big Gus' legs.  He has always had a pretty large gnarly scar on one of his rear canon bones.  (Think shin bone on person)  That area swelled up a few days ago, and I've been keeping in touch with Dr. Jeremy daily and doctoring.  

This morning I noticed a bulge on the side of his leg, and the flies were really enjoying it.  I ran the washrag down it and it started draining.   Don't know if it's an abscess or if there is something in there.  He's been on antibiotics 3 days and his temperature has been normal every morning.  I helped it drain as much as he would allow.  He's really good about letting me to do things to him, but even he has his limit....!!!  

The best guess was cellulitis before this, I'm waiting to hear from Dr. Jeremy if this changes the treatment.


Sasha is still ouchy on her trimmed hooves, but it doesn't stop her from roaming all over the property as soon as her gate opens.  But she also is standing within sight of her pen, when it's time to go back in.  Sure doesn't take long for donkeys to learn the drill.  

Jackson and Leroy are usually standing in their pens when we get up in the morning, good little boys they are.  BUT, if it takes too long for John to go out to give them a carrot and shut the gate, they are nowhere to be found and he has to go find them.  

DJ the pony is no problem, he hangs around the pen area all the time.  Yesterday one of the neighbor's came to get hay.  From what I heard, Big Gus, Leroy, Jackson, and DJ "ALL" helped load hay.......!!!  LOL  I think that's the the farthest DJ has gotten from the pen area, since he's been here.  

In the next couple of weeks we will be getting in 4 donkeys.  We went to check them out right before Suzanne headed east for a few days.  When she gets back later this week, we'll go get them.  There is actually 6 donkeys involved, but the people want to keep 2 of them for now.  

Three of them are in pretty good shape.  One of them is an older donkey, that seemed to be depressed when we were there.  He didn't pay any attention to us, and didn't move from where he was standing.  I did notice his sheath was very swollen.  When the woman called to let us know they were releasing 4 donkeys, I asked her how long his sheath had been that way.  She said years......!!!  

I assumed it was from habronema larvae, but won't really know until we get him.  As you know they have a name for everything, including this paraphimosis.  If it has gone on for years, there will probably only be one way to fix it, amputation.  That's not a pretty thought, BUT, neither is dragging a huge blob that probably is a fly magnet around with you 24/7.   I'm anxious to see if we can help him.

I had a good night at the races Saturday night.  Finished 2nd in the heat race and 2nd in the main event.  We race again the 4th of July, I still am driving my poor little Dodge Neon that's been totaled 2 or 3 times.  Everyone has about decided the Cavalier is a "garage queen", one of the neighbor's says I shouldn't drive it, that it's jinxed.  But the guys are talking about getting it up and running in time for the 4th.  I'm not so sure I want to change cars, the Neon & I seem to have a pretty good relationship, I'd hate to mess that up by changing cars in the middle of the season.........LOL

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