Thursday, June 25, 2020


 These are a couple of videos from some of the training runs the donkeys have been doing.  Arrow is going to be a runner, he looks like he is having fun.  I hope the links work, I couldn't figure out how to get the videos from Facebook to the blog, so links will have to do.  LOL  I know just about enough computer to stay out of trouble if I'm careful.  Suzanne or Linda aren't here to save me.

So far today it is 108.5* on the back porch. It's been getting a little bit hotter everyday.  Unfortunately there is no humidity to go with it, no rain in sight.  

The donkeys are hunkered down in shade just waiting for it to cool off.  One thing about the desert, once the sun goes down it starts to cool off pretty quick, if you are away from town.  All the buildings, concrete, glass, asphalt etc in towns hold the heat and sometimes it doesn't ever get cool.  Another reason to live beyond the sidewalks....!!

I think Big Gus is getting better, he's pretty much back to his obnoxious self and this morning I had a terrible time getting his antibiotics down him.  He has to take 9 pills twice a day and of course they aren't small.  But we had been doing really good, I'd break up animal crackers in my hand, mix in the pills and he'd take them, no problem.  This morning I guess he decided I wasn't being fair with  him, he wouldn't even take an animal cracker from me, just throw that big head around to let me know it wasn't happening.  I finally used some of Cisco's precious canned pumpkin to hide the pills.  He wouldn't even look at the pumpkin.  But I put it on his mush, went off, came back and it was gone.  I guess he wins if I don't see him actually eat them........!!!  I would imagine tonight will be a challenge.  He needs to take them at least one more day, with antibiotics you shouldn't ever stop before the minimum time, which would be tomorrow morning.  Wish me luck..........!!! LOL

The mesquite beans are starting to ripen, next they will start falling on the ground, which of course will thrill the donkeys.  If you look at their poo, some of them have already been eating the beans green, off the trees. Well, except for the minis, they aren't tall enough to reach them, thank goodness.  Unfortunately it looks like we'll have as many if not more beans than we had last year. 

John is busy putting some stalls in the Burro Barracks area for the slow eaters.  The Burro Barracks is about 1/4 of an acre, this year we're going to try to move most of them over there, because there's more room than in their pens, like last year.  There are quite a few trees over there, but we are going to rake up the beans, it will be much easier to do 1/4 acre than 30 acres........!!!   LOL Hopefully the monsoon season will bring lots of rain, which will cause the fallen beans to fungus and turn black.  The donkeys won't eat them once that happens.  Some years we don't have many beans at all, but the last couple of years have been brutal. 

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