Friday, October 26, 2018


Looks like Bill and Don will be going home next week.  They have been here while their family built a new home.  We're going to miss them, they've become part of the herd and are both really nice boys.  Bill unfortunately came in chubby and will be leaving chubby.  He's been on a starvation diet almost from the day he got here, but there is obviously enough browse on the property to supplement what we feed him.  Don is still a little plump, but he really looks pretty good.

DON IS IN FRONT, the quick way to tell them apart is he has an upright mane and Bill has a actual mane that falls over.

We will take them home next Tuesday.  On the way home, we will stop by D-S Rescue in Tucson and pick up Big Gus and Rambo.  Rambo's name was changed to Beau, but I am going to reserve judgment until I see if he has mellowed.  He had an aggressive personality, but I'm hoping with the passage of time he has forgot about all that macho stuff.

So we will take 2 home and bring 2 home.  Won't change our numbers, which is a good thing, we don't have any extra pens right now.........!!!!   LOL

At one time, the 4 minis were in one pen.  Then Cheyenne developed a problem with her jaw and had to be fed by herself.   Split a corner off their pen for her and that worked for a few years.  We found out that Pepsi was more of a food hog than we knew, so he needed a pen of his very own, so his food intake could be watched.  Justin and Pepsi went to Colorado this summer, so Lynn had been eating by herself.  We thought that we might as well continue feeding her without Justin, so the original pen is now divided into 4 pens.  Don't think we can sub-divide it anymore.........!!!!  LOL

The guys could build more pens if needed, but what we have now works for the amount of donkeys we have.  Hopefully we won't have an emergency anytime soon.

Courtney came yesterday and trimmed feet..........lots of feet.  I went to town with John, so I wasn't here, but Linda said everyone was good, even Levi and Bella.  Courtney uses power tools, and that can be quite an experience if they've never had a power trim.  She let them watch her work on some of the other donkeys and Linda said they were pretty good.  Linda is having to treat Levi for habronema sores on his sheath.  SIGH........!!!  Right now she is putting Ivermectin wormer on every morning, until the sores start healing.  As long as there are larvae in the sores they will not heal.  Get rid of the larvae and then doctor.  She's also putting meat tenderizer on Bella's proud flesh, but so far not much difference.  We don't know if she's doing it right or not, haven't been able to find instructions on how much to use or how thick a paste to make it.

Once the 2 new boys are here, I will call Dr. Jeremy and have him come out to check all 4 of the newbies out to make sure they are healthy or at least fairly healthy.  Might as well, have a baseline to start with.

Casper sneaking up on Linda.  This is a break thru with him, he's usually trying to keep away from people.

He likes Linda......!!!  LOL

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