Sunday, October 21, 2018

LYNN AND LINDA MADE IT IN.............!!!!

They rolled in this afternoon after an uneventful trip, which is the best kind.......!!!  Bella and Levi introduced themselves and Bella took advantage of the courtyard gate being opened to investigate as much as she could before Lynn showed her a soda can, which got her attention and she followed him out.  They are both really easy to work with and are willing to go along with whatever you want them to do. 

Deer and wild turkey in Colorado

Lynn's mom sent homemade cookies and banana bread..........YUM..........that's the first thing John checked out, when he got home from the race track.  Our friend Larry went for practice this afternoon and John didn't want to miss anything.  No homemade goodies for John since I've been laid up, so he was really interested and pronounced the cookies excellent, haven't cut the banana bread yet.  Thank you Glenda..........  And Terry, Larry's wife sent cookies home with John, I could get use to this.........LOL

John said the race director has a knee that looks a lot like my knee.  He use to race and I guess was in a wreck that damaged the kneecap and they used a tendon to hold it in place, just like they did with me.  Must be a fix that works good.  I hope so, my knees have been my best joints for quite awhile, all the other joints are squeaky and creaky........!!

Linda came in prepared with meat tenderizer to use on Bella's proud flesh, so guess treatment will start pretty quick.

Where there is a golf cart, there are probably treats

There's got to be treats in here someplace, maybe Lola the dog has them...!!


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