Friday, October 12, 2018

IT WAS JOHN'S IDEA...........!!!!

Got a call from a woman this week.  She has been taking care of 2 donkeys for a elderly man who's wife had died.  He was in hospice and recently died and she was looking for a place for the 2 donkeys since the son just wanted to get rid of them.  

We are full and I'm not in a position right now, to add to the work load, since all I'm doing is taking up space for awhile.  So I told her I'd call her back.  John has this "what's one more attitude" and figured out a pen area almost before I told him what was going on.........!!!  

They were suppose to be minis, but John went to see them this morning and they are small standards.  Well small might not be a good description, they are both obese at ages 3 and 8, mother and son.  Anyway he made arrangements to pick them up Sunday afternoon, so guess our little family is growing again.  

John said they are friendly, pick up their feet, so should be easy to work with.  They are going on a diet that's for sure.  

This is the gelding, the woman told John their names, but he forgot it by the time he got home.

This is the jenny, they aren't overly obese, necks aren't big, so we'll work at getting some of the weight off them.  She also has a probable sarcoid on the front of her right rear leg.   

We'll probably wait until Big Gus and Rambo get here to call Dr. Jeremy to come out and do check-ups on everyone.  I'm pretty sure the boys haven't had vet care and these two have been in limbo for quite sometime.  

Everything with moving the boys hinges on when Lynn and Linda get back and Ginger is ready for her boys to go to her new home.  We'll deliver Bill and Don to her place about half way to Phoenix and pick up Big Gus and Rambo on the way back thru Tucson.  At least that is the plan..........!!! LOL

We had drizzle almost all night last night and as you can see from the pictures, it continued into the morning.  John said the jenny wasn't the least bit interested in coming out of the shelter to greet him.  Can't blame her, that's one reason John didn't pick them up today, the pen they are going in doesn't have a shelter.  Hopefully our rain will be over by Sunday. 

I'm looking forward to my appointment with the surgeon next Wed, maybe I will find out what they did and how long I will be recuperating.  We are getting pretty good at unwrapping and re-wrapping, the brace thingy was rather daunting to deal with the first couple of times, but it's not bad once you deal with it.  Walking with it isn't quite as easy........!!! LOL

Lynn and Linda report that it is COLD in Colorado.......well duh.!!!  Lynn has a plan to camp out on the mountain, that is expecting 20 inches of snow and temps in the teens.......!!!  Haven't heard if that's going to happen or not. 

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