Friday, October 19, 2018


They got to go out yesterday morning after breakfast, had their hour or so by themselves, the others went out and no fireworks or anything.  Well Link goosed Bella a couple of times and she let him know she wasn't that kind of girl and he found something else to do.  All in all a very easy introduction to the herd.  They spent most of the day by themselves exploring the 10 acres.  I think John is going to open Burroland today, so they'll get to explore some more.  

Doug took the pictures, said it was mostly butt shots, because they were so busy checking out all the new stuff to look at, smell and eat.  

Bella and John getting acquainted

Levi headed out for fun and adventure

They are both carrying a lot of extra weight

Last night for roundup, not only did they go into the pen with no drama, it was a different pen than they had been in.  John put them in BlackJack's pen so they would have a shelter.  He threw up a shelter in their pen Tuesday and decided to switch them last night.  John said there was no problem at all and this morning after being out all night, they were standing in the new pen this morning when Doug went out to do round-up.  They will make someone wonderful additions to their family, when we get the weight off and also get Bella's proud flesh/sarcoids taken care of.  This could be a long process, it took 3 years to finally get rid of Boaz's  big area on his knee and the scar tissue continues to be problem in the summer.  

Linda has been in touch with Dr. Jeremy and he recommends trying the meat tenderizer treatment first. As you can tell from this link, treating proud flesh is all over the page on what is the best treatment.  Everyone has their favorite treatment that never fails.  I always keep in the back of my mind that in spite of what we do to animals and put them thru, they probably would get better without our intervention......for most things.  Proud flesh has it's own rules and doesn't fit into any square as far as treatment is concerned.  Both of Bella's areas are pretty big unfortunately and I'm not going to be much help for awhile.  So I guess Linda will be learning new skills............LOL 

Speaking of...........Lynn and Linda are suppose to be packing this morning, and heading south as soon as they get everything loaded.  Last I heard the list was rather long......!!!  They don't plan on driving thru, so will probably get in tomorrow morning early, after resting for a couple of hours in New Mexico. 

We were suppose to walk in the Helldorado parade in Tombstone Sunday.  But I wasn't going to be able to walk.  They said something about tying me on Turbo so I could participate.  I don't think so......!!!  LOL  Plan B was for me to be parked on the street so I could watch.  But I think they've decided to not go this time.   Maybe next year. 

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