Thursday, October 04, 2018


Well this was an interesting week-end.  The only good thing about it is  Lynn and Linda and their entourage made it in about 1am Sunday.  They ran out of time in Colorado to do a leisurely  2 day trip and had to drive straight thru.  The donkeys did just fine, although Quilla was pretty tired. 

The reason they ran out of time, was they were suppose to be in Tombstone Sunday afternoon for a meeting to discuss getting Burro Pack racing started in Tombstone and maybe other towns in Arizona.  They are our experts since they actually raced.  They made the meeting, John even went and they said it was a good meeting with people with ideas.  Hopefully they can put it together for this spring.  Who knows maybe some of the Colorado racers will come down, they don't start until June in Colorado, so this might be fun for them.  

We had been at the race track since Saturday afternoon, so we weren't here when they arrived.  At least since the weather has cooled off it's much more comfortable to spend the afternoon out in the pits, waiting for your few minutes of fun and adventure.

I think these races are probably more fun to drive than to watch.  So if you don't want to sit thru the whole thing, just watch the last 3 minutes.

The car had been hard to drive for some reason, so I wasn't really competitive, I was running in 6th I think.  The car had been pushing which means you're probably putting a lot of weight on the right front tire.  Usually we run a 20 lap main event, but they had us running 25 laps and on the 21st lap the right front blew in turn 3.  That immediately puts you into the wall.  I was trying to get it off the wall, when I noticed another problem.  A car directly in front of me, who incidentally had blown a right front tire, was sitting right in my path.  I was still trying to get it off the wall and away from him, it had torn out the brakes, so I was pretty much along for the ride.  

I have never had so much attention at one time in my life.........!!!  LOL   I already knew my knee was shattered, the ambulance finally got there took me to the big hospital in Tucson, went into the trauma area and was put on the list for surgery the next morning.  

All in all I had great care from everyone I came in contact with and every time I was handed off to someone else, one of the 1st things they would say is, "so you drive a race car"......  

The kid in the car I hit went to the same hospital with a concussion, he was already unconscious from when he hit the wall a few seconds before I plowed into him.  He's home, doing good.

I'm home with a brace that I'm going to hate really quick.  I think I'll burn it when this is over.  So for the next 6 weeks or so, I'm pretty much more trouble than I'm worth......!!  Walking with a walker...........UGH!

Poor Lynn and Linda dropped into this mess, it took them until this morning I think to get their motorhome out of the hay barn, they've been camping out in their pickup.  But they are troopers, they just go along with what's happening and I don't know what John would do without them.  

Since they've been here they've got another donkey, not bad for less than a week....LOL  Actually he is Turbo's 10 month old brother Link.  They had already made arrangements with Turbo's 1st mom to get Link when they got down here.  Talk about underdone, he's all legs and gawky looking a lot of grown mammoths are all legs and gawky, but he will probably fill out nicely over the next 4 years.  He's already out with the others and fitting in, he's a nice boy, although a little mouthy.  So now they have five of their own and treat all of ours like their own.  Casper even likes Linda......LOL

John picked up my car this morning at a friend that hauled it to his place Saturday night.  I haven't taken a picture of it yet, but will "share" when I do.  It only raced 3 races and is junk.  That's OK the guys are all ready to start working on the Cavalier for next year. 

Just found out today that 2 of our donkeys that have been adopted for years was left at another rescue as the woman went out of town.  They sign an agreement that if they can't keep the donkeys they are to be returned to us, guess she didn't read that part.  The rescue got in touch with me and I'm trying to find someone that would like to adopt or even foster them long term.  So if anyone is up to it, and wants to try, let me know.  We're one pen shy right now, had to build 2 new ones when the Colorado donkeys came in.  Not sure what we could do to bring in 2 more right now.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

So sorry about the accident and injury. I hope you heal up fast.

Tish said...

ME TOO.........!!! LOL