Tuesday, October 09, 2018


When Lynn and Linda came down from Colorado they had planned on going back up for a week or so, to take care of some loose ends.  They left yesterday afternoon and drove thru, because they are already there.  Not sure how long they will be gone, just a few days and I'm already making a list for when they get back.  LOL  

This is Lynn trying to work before they left, with a LOT more help than anyone would ever need.  

This was the first time Casper got to go out of his pen.  Unfortunately Burroland hadn't been opened yet, but he was already over there.  

One of the Tucson rescues got in touch with me, to tell me she had 2 of our donkeys that had been dropped off, as the owner was headed out of town.  She had Big Gus and Rambo for years and knew they were to be returned here if she could no longer take care of them.  But she never got in touch with us.  

We have no open pens, so I've been trying to find someone to foster/adopt and have had some offers to foster..................BUT.....!!  You know how you get a problem with no easy fixes and wonder what would be best?  

We have been boarding Bill and Don while their family had a new home built.  Those things never go as planned, contractors and permits are enough to make you want to live under a bush rather than put up with all the nonsense.

Ginger had gotten in touch in August and said it looked like they'd be in by mid September.......!!!  Didn't happen, BUT she called last night and they are ready for the boys, as soon as they get a shade shelter installed............That opens up 2 pens just in time to bring Rambo and Big Gus out and they won't have to be fostered......!!!  YAY.......love it when a plan comes together.......!!  

As I recall, Gus has gate opening skills, he's actually been here at least 3 times and he has a busy attitude.  After he's been here awhile John usually says, he'll be glad when he'd gone.  But once he's gone, John always missed him because he has a fun personality, if you can keep ahead of him.  He's almost mammoth size and probably has more Poitou blood than BlackJack.  I hope the 2 youngsters don't latch onto him as a role model...........LOL

That's Big Gus in the background when he was here before

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