Thursday, October 18, 2018

CASPER, CASPER, CASPER..........!!!!


We have no idea what goes on in his little busy brain and probably never will.  Yesterday Doug caught him outside the perimeter fence on the east side of the big main wash, headed east towards Gammons Gulch........!!!  Doug yelled at him and he came back inside the fence.  So he is getting out, we just don't know when and how often.......!!!  And seems aware that getting caught ruins the adventure..........LOL  

I wish I didn't have to worry about him, he seems to know where he lives and what time to show up for meals.  But I worry because we are close to the main road and I'm afraid he might get hit or cause an accident.  Such an independent little guy, but we need to figure out someway to outsmart him.  Not sure that's possible, as mere human beings....!!  Too bad we only have barbed wire perimeter fencing, instead of field fence.  Even if we had field fence, there is still the areas where the fencing crosses the wash that would be almost impossible to make "Casper" proof.

Another little quirk he has that drives Doug crazy is, he will not go in his pen until every donkey is in theirs.  He does have a helpful side, which I'm sure if he knew it was helpful he wouldn't do it.  When John goes over in Burroland to do round-up, Casper will lead him to where the donkeys are.  

I went to the surgeon yesterday to see how my knee is doing.  They took x-rays, seemed pleased with the results and said I have to wear the brace for 6 more weeks.  Something about the quad muscles in my thigh, would pull the surgical area apart if I started "using" the knee.  

It was good to get out, although dragging a leg around and using a walker is a downer. Even got to go out for lunch, which is always fun.  

I'd like to ride around in the golf cart tomorrow and familiarize myself with the donkeys.  I haven't seen them except out the windows for a couple of weeks.  John stays pretty busy "stomping out forest fires", so I haven't added to his work load by asking to go on a joy ride.  I'll see how the day goes tomorrow.  

Well the name changes have been made.  Miss Jingles is now Bella, that's a nice girly name.  What is really weird is I told Linda we had came up with that name, and she said she had been making a list and the 1st name she wrote down was........Bella.  Meant to be I guess.  

John came up with the name Levi for Nephi, it's a good name and hopefully we can remember it.  They will get to go out and join the herd today.  John will let them out for an hour or so before the others are let out after breakfast.  That way they can get some idea of what the 10 acres looks like, before having to face the gauntlet of a nosy herd.  

John had an interesting occurrence a couple of days ago.  One of the girls, I think he said Tula was cycling, which of course livens up the herd and gets some of the boys that have memories of earlier times, really going.  About half of them join in the fun and games, which means there is a lot of running and yelling, pushing and shouting going on.  It can get lively, especially if the girls aren't the least bit interested.  So you have the guys running around trying to make sure they are at the front of the line with the girl of their dreams trying to get away from them, and kicking the fire out of them, if necessary.

I'm not sure what John was trying to do, but for some reason he ended up close to Tula and he said the next thing he knew Loki was on his back with his hooves over John's shoulder.  It just lasted a split second, not sure if John broke up the "love triangle" or if Loki noticed that this wasn't working, but John wasn't happy........!!!    Tula was probably laughing at the spectacle.........!!  And I'm really sorry I missed it.......LOL


ellie k said...

Sorry there is no picture of John and Loki. That had to be hard on John's back and a real shock.

Tish said...

I think it was done and over so quick, John's back probably didn't even register the insult. Besides Loki is pretty light on his feet....!!! LOL