Thursday, October 04, 2018


Right side was on the wall

The car I rear ended almost came thru my windshield.  His transponder which is attached underneath the car to tell our speed and where we finished, was embedded in my bumper and grill.

Looks rather sad doesn't it?
It was a new car had 3 races on it
John got it in the garage to start stripping parts off it, although we aren't racing a Neon next year.  But someone might be able to use them. 


ellie k said...

Has the circus arrived yet.? Sorry about the car and your injuries.

Tish said...

Yep circus is here, they got in early Sunday morning and have been pretty much running ever since, trying to keep our "circus" going. Nobody is bored that's for sure........!!! LOL John has been stripping all the bent stuff on the car and came in for lunch. Said he doesn't think the car is totaled after all.........!!! It probably wouldn't be good enough for asphalt, but might be able to run dirt. To me it looks like it should be done, but when I hit the other car it was a straight hit, so I guess it didn't twist the frame.