Tuesday, October 16, 2018

RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY...........!!!

This isn't a normal time of year for rain around here, but we are getting it.  The ground is saturated and it continues to rain.  So now there is puddles everywhere.  Casper has been staying in his pen at night, we figured having hours to figure out how to escape might not be a good idea.  But his pen is really wet, standing water everywhere except in his shelter.  Tonight John let him out, so he can choose where he wants to go.  I hope it's within the boundaries of the perimeter fence.......!!  LOL

The 2 new ones are settled in and BlackJack gave up his pen and shelter, at least for a few days until we let them out with the herd.  BJ could care less about HIS pen and HIS bunk, as long as he gets fed, just put him somewhere.  Over the years when we need a pen, he always volunteers.....!!!  LOL

We usually give newbies 2 or 3 days in a pen, so everyone can come and stare at them without confrontation.  They are very gentle so I don't expect any problems when they go out.  The jenny's name is Jingles and her son's name is Nephi an old name from the book of Mormon.  I usually don't change names, but I'm thinking about it for these two.  The jenny is such a dainty girl with big beautiful eyes, she needs a girly name.  So far none of us can remember the gelding's name, so we might need to find a name for him that is easier to remember.  

Doug took pictures for me this morning, since I'm not very mobile.

They are very friendly, although the gelding did not load well.  John said he has never had one sit down to keep from going in the trailer.  Once he sat on the ground, I guess there wasn't anyway to get a butt strap about his fanny, so he pretty much was in control.  The man showed up about that time and they finally got him up and in the trailer.  John said the jenny loaded just fine. 

She knows how to beg....!!!  LOL

This is one of her sarcoids at least I think that's what it is.  She has another one in the very same spot on the other hind leg. 

I will get in touch with Dr. Jeremy later this week, and see what he thinks needs to be done.  Sarcoids can get real angry sometimes if you try to remove them. 

Heard from Linda, it's getting colder in Colorado and Lynn is still out on the mountain chasing elk.  Linda sent me the coordinates of where he is, I went in on Google Earth and he was up on a ridge line with lots of trees and scenery.   I doubt if there is another human being within 50 miles.  The only saving grace I could see was, there wasn't any snow in the area.  Of course that could change pretty quickly. 


Witcheylady said...

Tish, I may have already told you this. We had very good results with a sarcoid in Vashka's ear with surgical excision & then applying blood root. It's been a little over 2 years & no sign of it returning.

Tish said...

That's about what I figured would be the protocol. Sounds like Lynn and Linda should be back by the week-end, so I'll wait to call Dr. Jeremy till next week. Are you tired of rain........I am....!!! LOL

Witcheylady said...

I'm tired of traipsing through mud lol...