Friday, June 23, 2017

IT'S NOT COOLING OFF..........!!!

That is an understatement, the last couple of days in Tucson have been 115*.  We're a little bit cooler, but not much.  The humidity and  dew point are rising, which could mean rain in the next few days if it continues.  In the meantime, we just cook. 

I feel sorry for the donkeys, although they find shade and just wait for it to cool off, when it's over 100* even in the shade with a breeze, the air is stifling.  

We went to town the other day and picked up a large tarp. I was looking for camo netting, which is a tarp that has been slashed all over, so air can go thru it, but it still is shady.  No camo nets available in Sierra Vista, so we dragged home a tarp and I went on-line.  Gus likes to spends his afternoons laying down over by the dog pen.  Although it's surrounded by trees, his favorite spot to lay is right in the center of the trees and isn't that shady.  SIGH

It isn't easy to hang a 16x20' tarp in between mesquite trees, they aren't lined up and mesquite unless they have been manicured have little limbs everywhere to interfere.  But we managed to get it up..........and in the afternoon the wind came up.  John was coming down from the garage and noticed it had collapsed and he wondered where Gus was.  He was standing under the tarp with it draped over him.  He's pretty bomb proof, didn't know he was that bomb proof though..........LOL

Next morning John and I redid the tarp, this time with less grommets, since a lot of them had pulled out.  That afternoon the wind came up again.  Grrrr......!!  Yesterday morning we were out there again, the area of shade is getting smaller and smaller, but we managed to salvage it.  Low and behold it stayed up yesterday afternoon, so we didn't have to do damage control this morning. I have a camo net on order, don't know when it will get here.  The camo nets hold up real good in wind and don't come apart like a tarp does.

Heard from Linda in our Colorado satellite, they've been out with the donkeys running.  I don't think they waste a minute of time, they are either working or playing.

A few days ago Linda and her friend Steph were going to go out with Boaz and Quilla.  Linda said Quilla has been vocally complaining when Turbo and Leddy get to go and he doesn't.  I guess Boaz is a homebody, he wasn't the least bit interested in going out and exploring, so Leddy got to go instead.

Looks like a parade

Quilla is "game" for hill climbing, one of the neat things about pack burro racing is, if you get tired and the burro isn't, they learn to pull you along.  I have a feeling Leddy being in front has something to do with Quilla's willingness....!!  LOL

I guess a good time was had by all.  I assume the picture with the dogs was a different adventure, since there aren't any in sight

Boaz and Turbo, the stay at home guys

Nice picture of Leddy, I think he's learning to pose that the dogs do........LOL

Turbo enjoying a break


ellie k said...

A nice set of pictures, love seeing the donkeys having a good time on the trails.

Tish said...

I'm sure they are having a great time in the cooler climate. Right now the ones here are just standing around waiting for it to cool off. Right now the nights aren't even cooling off much, I think it was 78 this morning when we got up.

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