Friday, January 06, 2017


John and I went into Benson yesterday afternoon and when we got home, Lynn and Linda had already parked their RV in their spot.  They had quite an audience, most of the donkeys were standing and gawking at the whole process and their donkey Leddy was standing at the front of the herd.  

Doug had to put a fence around his RV to have any privacy at all.  They use to all but climb the steps to see why he wasn't coming out to play.  L and L might have to do something like that, if they want to have any privacy at all... LOL  When they set up in November, the donkeys kept pretty close tabs on what they were doing in that "thing".  

Their 3 dogs ran up to the car when we came in  and Lennon jumped right in like he was ready to go for a ride.  They seem to think we are part of their family, Lola started picking up sticks for me to throw.  She is a typical cattle dog and thinks fetching sticks is her job and can get really insistent about you throwing sticks.  Lynn finally started picking her sticks up and throwing them on the hood of their truck.  She didn't care, she just found another stick.   

Poor Saddik was beside himself, he was in the pen and they weren't.  We usually let Saddik out while we're doing chores and he comes back when he hears John running the leaf shredder to cut up hay for the donkeys that have trouble chewing.   Night before last he didn't come in, until it was dark, John was through and had come in the house.  That gets him "pen" arrest for a few days to think about it.  I don't think he spends much thought process on the problem unfortunately.  But he does usually behave for quite awhile afterwards.  He's such a smart dog, I wish he'd figure out that if he doesn't come in, he doesn't go out.  If you get stern with him, he just wiggles his tail and shows no remorse at all.  We started keeping him in the pen last year, when they were here, because he and Lucy their 3rd dog took off and were gone almost all day.  That was after they had taken off before and not come back for a couple of hours.

Some of you long term readers might remember Ruger and Wister the brothers.  Wister was born here on Christmas Day in 2012.  Ruger came in with his Mom and Dad and Ruthie was PG with Wister at the time.  

Boaz is still here, Ruthie is in a foster home and the boys have been in a foster home for almost 2 years.  It looks like they might be getting a permanent forever home.  What is really weird is the family that is fostering them now, are friends with the family that might adopt them.  But neither knew of the others involvement with us or the boys.  I found out there was a good home out there looking for a nice pair of donkeys and I threw these 2 boys into the pot.  There's actually another pair, a jenny and gelding from another rescue that are being discussed too.  It sounds like a wonderful home, so hopefully friendship will give us the inside line, if it's as good a home as it sounds.  

I love this time of year, no doctoring and no fly masks.  Well no doctoring, except for Miss Penny and her smelly mouth.  Her mouth hasn't smelled since about the 2nd day of antibiotics.  BUT, she is not a fan of antibiotics, believe me that is an understatement.  With antibiotics once you start them, the bare minimum time to give them is 5 days, 7-10 is much better.  Saturday the 7th will be the 10th day and we can't wait until it gets here.  

We've just been throwing the SMZs in her mush and keeping track of how many of them disappear.  Some feedings she does pretty good, maybe 1 or 2 left.  John was doing pretty good getting her to take the leftovers with animal crackers, but she finally figured out what was going on and refused to even take a "naked" animal cracker from him.  One morning she left 6 out of 8 tablets..... SIGH......!!!  So I threw 14 in her evening mush and they were all gone.  John even checks the ground to make sure she hasn't figured out how to hide them.  

It wouldn't be so bad, but she looks like you like the picture of her in the last blog page, and you can just about read her mind, "you people think you are putting something over on me, and you might get some of those pills down me, BUT, I'm watching you and you better be at the top of your game, or I'll outsmart you, and not even blink".  SMZs have very little taste, early on I tried grounding them into a powder and mixing them with molasses.  She wouldn't even go close to the feed pan.  Maybe she doesn't like molasses, who knows.  I have other flavors I could try with her, BUT, have a feeling it would be a waste of SMZs..........LOL

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