Thursday, January 19, 2017


With Lynn and Linda here, we can take off for a few days and they will take care of the donkeys.  There is a big stock car race at Lake Havasau on the west side of Arizona, almost in California.  Some of the guys that race at Tucson Speedway are going over to see if they can keep up with the locals at that track.  We're suppose to meet them in the morning and we'll all travel together.  I think we're the only ones going without a race car and trailer, they don't race Hornets there.   We're just going to be nosy and I'll be the rooting section for Tucson, I guess...........!!!!

Thanks Susan

Got this picture today, of Ruger and Wister in their new forever home.  I'm sure they are really enjoying all that green grass. 

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Witcheylady said...

I don't how close you're going to be to me, but if you are close please stop by if you can :-) I'd love to see you!