Sunday, January 08, 2017


Reba enjoying her wonderful foster home - Thanks Kris

Gizmo is going into a mule foster home.  Kris likes mules and fostered Rusty and Reba for over a year before Rusty had to be euthanized.  She still had Ruthie her original mule that lost her horse companion, which was the reason for Rusty and Reba going to live there.  She also added another old molly mule, so Rusty had quite a harem his last few months. 

Kris called me last week to tell me Ruthie had to be put down.  She had a hard life and her knees were really bad.  She started having problems and when they x-rayed her knees one of them had what I assume is bone cancer.  Her last years with Kris and Jim didn't make up for the earlier abuse, but she couldn't have had a better retirement home.  

For some reason Kris wants to complicate her life and add Gizmo to the mix, as a foster........LOL  I didn't hide anything, I told her he is in your face and a busy nosy little guy.  She ran it past Jim and he said they'd try it.  Keep your fingers crossed, it would be a wonderful home for him............if he can behave himself, long enough to ingratiate himself into the inner circle at their place.........  And Kris is a perfect candidate as a "foster failure"............!!!!  LOL

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