Friday, January 27, 2017


I don't even know where to start.........LOL Got my computer back, have a couple of glitches, that need to be looked at by Jared.  

Of course it's getting down to crunch time to get ready to race tomorrow.  I'm taking the asphalt car and Lynn's car is ready to go........even has numbers on it.  We haven't gone thru tech yet, and I'm sure there will be plenty of things for them to look at, hopefully nothing that would keep us from racing.  

In between everything else Lynn has been busy making a path thru Burroland wide enough the golf carts will be able to go all around the 20 acres.  I don't think he cleared this with the donkeys, but they do seem to appreciate having a nice wide smooth trail.  Yesterday some people called for a tour and I went over to run some of the donkeys back over here.  It's bad enough to have to flush them out of the brush on 10 acres over here, most people wouldn't want to go thru the "fun" of trekking all over Burroland too. .  

Actually the donkeys have pretty much learned to come out of the brush and gather in the driveway, so they basically come to the people.  A few times Doug has gone over when people showed up unannounced and ran them back over here, but it's much easier to just have them over here, when we are expecting tours.  

Last night we noticed a very strong skunk smell, after supper.   Linda came in and said Lucy and Lennon had gotten sprayed.  We thought it was funny, but since the dogs sleep in their RV, it was somewhat of a problem.   Lola, who if you were guessing who would get sprayed, would be your first guess, had gone out to potty and come right back to the RV.  The other two didn't.  So they got to stay in the feedroom/dog run last night.  There's heat in there, but it wasn't as warm or as comfortable as they usually are, on the bed, with their people, snuggled in.  Went online and found the recipe for skunk smell, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap.  It was 16 again this morning, so it will probably be afternoon before "bath" time.  

Cisco is doing better, he's not limping much at all, although he still is picking that leg up a little funny.  It's been so cold we've upped both Gus and Cisco's  pain meds.  It's suppose to warm up next week, and hopefully this will be our last "cold" spell.  

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