Wednesday, January 11, 2017

HOW CUTE IS THIS........!!!

Gizmo and his new little friend, a relative of Kris'. They were closing the gate and Kris said he really seemed to like the little one. 

She also said her dogs are very confused.  They are in the yard behind a wall.  All the dogs can see are 2 little ears sticking above the wall, when Gizmo goes back and forth, which I would imagine he does quite often.   

Sounds like he's enjoying his new home and they are enjoying him.  

Waiting to hear from the people interested in Ruger and Wister.  I think the man is out of town this week.  We will be busy Saturday, we are suppose to take the 2 dirt cars to the dirt track for practice.  

That's all well and good, except my car has a bad engine hanging out of the front of it, that needs to be replaced with a good engine.  In other words, it's not going to make a Saturday call.  Lynn's car is ready and we'll take my asphalt car for the practice.  John isn't happy about all the mud he'll probably have to clean out from under it, BUT, they have completely redone the Hornet track, so I need to go see what they've done before actually racing.  

Last night Lynn and I took the cars out for a run on the dirt road between our house and the main road.  That's the 1st time Lynn has driven it, actually it's about the 1st time anyone has driven it.  He came back, said it was fun.  We all decided I should drive it to make sure it was handling well.

YIKES, it didn't take but a second for me to figure out the front end needs some attention, badly.  I came back and gave John my report, he seemed to think I was exaggerating, so I told him to give it a try.    When he came back he said the front end needs some attention........LOL  So hopefully he can figure it out before Saturday.  It's driveable, but it would be very distracting to race, although he can practice.  It will teach him to deal with diversity......LOL 

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