Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Lynn and Linda have been busy since they got back.  Between dogs and donkeys and all the other stuff going on around here, we all stay pretty busy.

Lynn and Linda still want to do Burro Pack Racing next summer when they go back to Colorado. They brought Leddy their donkey down with them, so they could continue "training".  Since they've been here they've been eye balling Justin one of the minis.  

A few days after they got here Linda said she'd like to see what Justin could do.  First thing was to get a halter on him.  We usually don't halter them unless there is a reason, and there hasn't been a reason to halter him in a long time.......!!!  LOL  

Got that crisis over and he did pretty good around the driveway, so she decided to take him out on the road.  Hmmm..........


If you will notice Leddy is lined up to go out the gate without a halter on.  Justin is lined up to NOT go out the gate and does have a halter on.  Obviously there is a problem.......!!  She finally got him out and he really seemed to enjoy getting out and about once the initial "indecision" was over.  

They've been out 3 or 4 times and he's really progressing.

 Lynn and Justin trekking down the wash.  

He's a willing little guy, Lynn goes he follows........!!!  Thanks for the videos Linda

The standard or Mammoth donkeys have to wear a saddle and carry 33 pounds.  But the minis race au natural, no saddle and no weight.  We'll see how it goes, Justin might have a job this summer........LOL  

Of course John is working like a fiend trying to get my race car ready for the 28th of January.  There are so many little bits and pieces to be put on the car, other than just the engine and transmission.  Of course once he gets to the engine, tranny level, all the other little picky stuff should be done and if the engine runs and the tranny shifts, then it will be on to paint and the fun stuff.  Right now he isn't having much fun.  If he doesn't get it done the world will not come to an end and I can race the asphalt car on the dirt.  BUT I'd really rather not and he'd rather I didn't either.  Too much of a chance to get it banged up on the dirt.   

Lynn still has quite a bit of painting to do on his car too.  It doesn't even have numbers on it, which will be pretty important, if our cars look alike.  That would drive the lap counters crazy.......!!  It will be bad enough that he will be running #12 to my #21........!!  I don't think he will be running the X though. 

This afternoon Lynn and John are out in the big wash cutting on a huge tree that fell into the wash last winter.  It's on our property, but not a fenced area and we've been afraid someone would find it and cut it up for wood.  Since we heat with wood and it's on our property, the guys are going to salvage as much of it as they can. 

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