Sunday, January 15, 2017


Yesterday we went to practice at the dirt track.  Unfortunately John has a lot of work in order to get the new dirt track car ready to race the 28th of January, in other words he has about 2 weeks to get it ready.  

I said I wouldn't run the asphalt Dodge Neon on the dirt, but John insisted, so we loaded it up and hauled it to the track.  What a come down from road racer to asphalt circle track, to wet slick slimy mud............. poor car.  

I have to say it handles as well on the dirt as it does on the asphalt, it is a very nice handling car.  I brought it home in the same condition it was when we left the house, well except for mud all underneath that will have to be cleaned out before I put it on the asphalt.  They would absolutely have a hissy fit, if I went out there and dropped dirt all over their track..........LOL

My car is on the left and Lynn's car is on the right.  They ran out of time to get it painted and numbered.  He had never been on a track, and really did good.  We got to go out on the track 4 times I think, and after the 1st time, he tried following me on the track.  I'm not sure that's a real good idea, but he said it helped him, where to be on the track and he stayed pretty close to me.  Next thing he'll be passing me.........LOL

Lynn and John attempting to untangle a tie down strap.  They finally threw it in the back of the pick-up and decided the car had enough tie downs on it.  It must really be tangled, because I heard "throw away" mentioned a couple of times and those things are costly. .  

We got a little rain overnight and most of the morning.  This is one of our 2 annual rainy seasons, so it's appreciated.  

The donkeys "hate" getting wet.  Last week a woman and her daughter came out to groom and wanted to come out again this morning and bring family.  They did come out, but not to groom as the donkeys would have really been grumpy.  But they did enjoy having company.  Last week 13 year old Olivia the daughter made a connection with Penny, who usually doesn't want to be touched by anyone.  The relationship continued this week.  Really amazing to watch Penny actually enjoy being with people.  

Unfortunately Olivia's cousin was messing with Boaz and he clamped down on one of her fingers.  It didn't break the skin, but it did compress the tissue and I'm sure was really painful.  We put ice on it and it started feeling better.  She's a horse person too, so I'm not sure what happened.  We never feed treats when people are here to visit and the donkeys are out of their pens, but if her finger was sticking up, while she was playing with his muzzle, he might have thought it was a carrot.  

Thanks for the picture, Linda

This is Gizmo and Lola enjoying a drink together.  Lola is hyper, I think that's why they got along together........!!   Linda says she has attention deficient disorder..........LOL

Kris says Gizmo's actually roaming around with the girls and he helped her clean the pens.  I'm sure his help was really appreciated, but he does like to be where the action is and doesn't seem to care if you appreciate his efforts or not................!!

This is the latest pic Kris sent of Gizmo with the girl's


ellie k said...

Maybe Gizmo has found his forever home. He sure seems to be fitting in.

Tish said...

Well he is just being fostered, but Kris seems like a good candidate for "foster failure"..........LOL