Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Well I'm back from Lake Havasu and a week-end of racing.  John and I went with a group of friends from Tucson Speedway and 4 race cars.  I'm sure we made a lovely parade as we travelled in a "herd".  Had a lot of fun, although the racing could have gone better.  Our cars had to add about 300 pounds of lead to meet their weight limit.  When you go to an unknown track, the set up from your track doesn't usually work even without the weight.

But we all  had fun and we got to see the London Bridge...!!!  LOL

Got home turned on my computer, well tried to.  My computer has had a problem for over a year.  If  you turn it off, and let it sit for long enough to cool off it won't start up again.  For some reason I thought turning it off while I was gone, was a good idea.  It's been on 24/7 for a long time, so I'm not sure why I thought this was a good idea.  John said he wished I had asked him before I made such a decision.  ME TOO.......!!

So my computer has gone to the computer guru to have the information taken off my hard drive and put in a new computer.  Lynn and Linda have an extra laptop they have loaned me, so I'm learning new skills while trying to find my on-line places.  I don't recommend this traumatic experience for anyone......!!  So no pretty pictures or anything fancy until I get back in my comfort zone.  Old people don't like change you know.......LOL

Everything was just fine at home, happy donkeys and no problems reported, although since we got home Cisco is having a problem with a front leg.  His legs aren't very good anyway, too much roping practice in his earlier life.  Usually he gets along OK, but one of his front legs is acting like it's giving out, when he starts walking.  After a couple of steps he does much better, but when he stands he has that leg pointed out to the side.  We'll watch him for a couple of days and if he doesn't improve, I'll call Dr. Jeremy.

Leddy and Justin the "burro" racers are enjoying their training, at least they seem to.  Lynn and Linda try to take them out every day.  Today when they went out Quilla went to the gate and then followed them all around the fence until they went towards the river.  I guess he wants to try it too....!!!  Maybe they will take him out sometime, just for fun.

We had a tour yesterday of 26 people.  The donkeys were out of their pens, which we've been doing quite a bit lately.  The people seems to enjoy it and the donkeys really enjoy all the attention.  Penny had really gotten into wading into the middle of a bunch of people and presenting herself for pets.  It's
special to see her enjoy being around people, after years of fear and distrust.

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