Sunday, May 04, 2014


I took this picture in 2007 on our back porch.  It's 2 male Western Diamondbacks, fighting for the hand of a sweet young thing, hanging out under a chair, watching the action.  You might also notice a young roadrunner watching.  I guess he was trying to figure out if either of them was small enough for him to take on.  NO, he wasn't much larger than a white winged dove, which I've seen rattlesnakes eat.  

We very rarely see snakes anymore.  Too many hoofed feet roaming around and some of the donkeys are snake murderers.  Actually Shiloh was my snake killer, before he went to his forever home, we use to find them with their heads either smashed or missing, he definitely knew which end to stomp. 

Yesterday was a summer day, it just felt different than the warm days recently.  Probably won't be too long until we have our first 100 degree day.  Not looking forward to it.  

I broke down and put out a fly trap yesterday morning.  It's already got a layer of little dead bodies on top of the water almost 1/2 inch deep.  Yesterday I noticed the flies were just horrible on faces below the fly masks, they are going for mouths since they can't get eyes I guess.  I've asked quite a few people and they said they have more flies than usual too.  Probably a result of our "non" winter, winter, I don't think we had 6 fires in the wood stove total.  I didn't even wear sweats like I usually do.  We will probably pay for a mild winter, with a HOT summer with lots of flies...........not sure it's a good trade.  

Courtney and Martha came out last week, to do feet and massage on Gigi again.  This time John tied Gigi up rather than having her in the squeeze.  We thought we'd try it and if that didn't work I have happy drugs.......!!!  LOL  She did really well, she would let Martha know if she wasn't comfortable with where Martha was going.  Ribs on one side were just fine, "don't touch the other side".  She did learn to relax and enjoy it, which was the general idea.  Old buzzard Pepper even got a little massage.  He enjoyed it so much he started drooling.........!!!  

Boaz is usually Mr. Cooperative, but for some reason he had a bee in his bonnet and kicked at Courtney.  Came close enough to her head that it was time for an "attitude adjustment" for the boy.  So he got a Scotch hobble education on his hind legs.  He had been acting weird for him for a couple of days, then he did that.  That was Thursday and this morning is the first time he's acted like Boaz.  Friday when I changed the bandage on his knee he didn't even beg for animal crackers.  But this morning he was more like his old self.  Still have no idea what the problem is or was.  I'm still doctoring whatever his skin problem is.  He doesn't act like it bothers him, so I don't think that's it.  Friday evening when John did round up, Boaz refused to go in his pen.  He'd circle around and go past or head off somewhere.  I finally got a whip and encouraged him to cooperate and he went in.  OBTW, his knee is almost healed, actually to me it looks healed, but if I take the bandage off and the gnats are attracted, I assume it isn't.  

Rosie got trimmed again and did really well.  She's got some crooked front feet, that hopefully with regular trimming will straighten up.  Doesn't seem to bother her, she can move pretty quick if she wants to. 

John just informed me it's time to start looking for hay again.  Sigh!  I hate this search, there is no such thing as a perfect hay broker or perfect hay.  My big problem is to find someone that has a squeeze to load the hay into the hay barn, that is willing to come out here.  There is a local guy that has a squeeze he uses for the local feed stores, but he won't come out here.  

Raced last night, let's just say, I'm glad that night is over and hope it is the worst night I have this year.......!!!! LOL

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