Thursday, May 15, 2014


 Paladin, king of the hill....!!!

Hay day is coming a little earlier than we expected.  Rescue isn't all we do, we also will haul animals, not necessarily donkeys, our list is extensive in different species up to and including geese and a 400 pound hog........!!! We also help with hay if someone needs it.  Lately hay has been quite an item, the last few years the price has just kept climbing unfortunately and there are a lot of reasons that good people can get caught in situations not of their making that gets them behind.  So we try to help if we can. 

I called Chris, the broker earlier this week, to get us in the pipeline.  We have enough hay to make it to June, but since we never know what the next phone call will be, thought we probably should go ahead and get some.  Since we are now getting one trailer load, instead of two at a time, we have to get paired up with someone in the area that also wants a trailer load, to make it worthwhile to bring the squeeze.  Just so happens she needs to drop a load in St. David and has it ready to go tomorrow, so she is thrilled to be able to put a double load together.  

She was telling me the price hasn't dropped at all and that hay was quite expensive, I braced myself for the bad news.   But was pleasantly surprised that it will only be about $5 a ton higher.  

I've now got 3 fly traps out, haven't noticed a reduction of flies on their noses, but there sure is a lot of flies in the traps, that aren't bothering the donkeys or reproducing.  I know there is a place in the world for flies, I just have a hard time figuring out what it is..........!!!  To feed lizards and praying mantis I guess.  A lot of time when we pick up poo, there will be a lizard sitting on the poo and not willing to give up his grocery shopping.  We've had them ride the poo on the rake all the way to the muck bucket before they finally give up and jump off.  

No new skin issues, but now we're getting mats in the armpit area, especially on BlackJack and Coquette.  They both have long fine hair (Poitou blood probably) and once they start sweating it really mats.  I usually just use scissors, my clippers are way too big to do armpits.   I've thought about looking for a smaller set of clippers, but for now scissors do OK, even if the donkeys look rather moth eaten when I'm done.  I don't waste a lot of effort doing a good job, just get the hair off and out of the way........!!! LOL  I actually body clipped Coquette last year right after she came here.  Her hair was matted everywhere and a mess, so I'll have to watch her this year to make sure she doesn't get out of control. 

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