Friday, May 23, 2014


This is the side of Boaz's mouth and what I am battling.  It's always amazing to me the equine people I talk to that have never even heard of habronema, let alone had to deal with the little "darlings".  Each one of those white spots is a larvae, pretty much dead at this stage from being slathered with Ivermectin.  Once you dig out the ones showing, there are usually others behind them.  There are 3 other places just out of sight, that are pretty much cleaned out and are healing.  But this one being where it is located is a real problem.  

He's really good about letting me dig around with blunt tweezers, unless I get too energetic.  Heard back from Renee at Colorful Equine.  We've got to coordinate what I want, but she's willing to make the masks.  

This morning I looked at Cisco's face right below his fly mask and it looked like a rubbed spot.  Sure enough, for the 1st time in years flies have gotten underneath his mask and obviously had some little hitchhikers. I saw at least 4 larvae right up under his eye even though John's been leaving his mask on 24/7.  I put Ivermectin on the area, so they should be dead by this afternoon and I can dig them out.  If they are alive, they must have teeth, claws or something, because they hang on and are almost impossible to get out.  When we rescued him about 14 years ago, both sides of his face were bloody to the bone from eye to mouth, really nasty.  He's such a gentle guy, but he will rub on you if he itches.  John said he had been rubbing his face on John's leg the last few days.  John didn't realize, Cisco was trying to tell him something.  When he rubs on me, or stands in front of me and hikes his back leg, I know he's got an itchy spot.  

Everyone else seems to be doing pretty good, although the flies are worse than usual.  It's really dry and although the weatherman keeps saying it "might" rain, we don't pay much attention to him.......!!!


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