Monday, May 26, 2014


Seems like that's about all I am doing these days.  No open sores on anyone now except for the side of Boaz's mouth.  It's getting better, but until all the larvae are gone it won't heal.  We're aren't there yet, but every day it's improved.  

I have to make sure everyone's polo wraps are up and keeping the flies at bay.  They usually can stay on for 3 or 4 days before having to be rewrapped.  Rolling in the dust bathing areas seems to be hard on them. 

I am having to doctor Rosie's belly.  She has what is called midline ventral dermatitis, at least that's my WAG (wild ass guess).  It's right down the middle of her belly, oozing, nasty, icky wound about a foot long.  I am using Underwood Horse Medicine, which dries the area and gives it a change to scab over.  She also gets wormed, actually everyone that is having big problems with flies and sores gets wormed, just because.  It's suppose to kill any larvae that are on or in the donkey, but I have my doubts.  If that was true, my theory would be you worm them and they would immediately start healing up.  Judging from past experience, healing usually doesn't start until I use Ivermectin on the sores..........BUT.......... I'll do what the experts say, and hope for the best.  

We've got 2 shelters to put up in a couple of the pens that don't have shelters, but it's been so windy lately we haven't been able to get them up.  They are those 10 x 20 portable garages, a frame covered with a tarp.  They probably won't last thru the summer, the sun out here isn't kind to tarps.  John wanted to get shelters built last winter before it got hot, but never got around to it.  So hopefully these will make it thru the hottest part of the summer. 

This morning John took my 2 racing trophies up to the garage with the 45 years of trophies already up there.  He told me when he went out the door, that I now have to win another goal for this year was to win a race and finish the year better than 5th.  I've won 4 main events and am in 3rd for points so far, but of course the season is very young.  At least I got that "winning" thingie out of the way..........LOL   

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