Sunday, May 18, 2014


And I am not alone, heard a lot of grumbling, especially when they saw the banking.  We also can't just come back on the track if we go off.  There is only one spot we can come back on.  I tried it out once, unfortunately................LOL  Wasn't impressed, tried my best not to do it again.   Quite a bit of what might be called "aggressive" driving, from people not passing clean.  There is a bad groove in the track coming out of turn #4, right where your right rear tire needs to be.  I hope they get that fixed, it really sent you bouncing.  If you go high you might run off the track, if you go low you might hit one of the tires they use to mark the inside of the track...............SIGH.......!!!!  I did manage to win my heat race and finished 5th in the main, after the one trip off the track and a lot of bumping and banging.  I didn't learn to drive that way, but I might have to change my style, if the track isn't going to start expecting the drivers to race, not slam into other cars. 

I have talked to the flagman before about his flagging while standing on the track, it's unnerving to have a person standing close enough you could almost touch him out the window.  We were getting lined up and when I came around the front straight away, he was close enough that when I passed him he fluttered the yellow flag over the top of my car......!!!  He told me he likes to add excitement......hope it doesn't get too exciting........!!!! LOL

Still working on Boaz's mouth.  It's looking much better, I dug a couple of big larvae out this morning and he seemed to appreciate getting rid of them.  I'll probably have to fight them all summer, vets will tell you once you have habronema it's almost impossible to get rid of them.  The problem is reinfestation.  Anytime I've had the problem and it was in an area I could cover with a barrier, like fly mask or bandage, I can get rid of them and not have them come back.  Can't do that on the inside edge of his mouth though, so I'll probably have to try to keep invermectin wormer on the area and hope for the best.  

OBTW, the donkeys are as thrilled with the new hay as John is.  I told him to quit feeding it, until the old stuff is gone.  Otherwise they might go on strike and not eat the old stuff......!!! 


Witcheylady said...

Sorry about the race track...I know how much you enjoy racing.
Very happy to hear they like their new hay, I was a little concerned about the Neutral Detergent Fiber number but donkeys are easier to please than horses. Hugs

Tish said...

Easy to please doesn't even come close. You should see the wood trim on the house, not to mention the gate into the courtyard. Looks like we have beavers instead of donkeys......!!!! LOL

Mel N.Y. said...

I'm glad to see people enjoying Toby and Tylers picture :-)

Tish said...

I wonder where they came from, I saw them on the internet and it was such a neat picture. Who took the picture, I'd like to give them credit? Is there any story on them, like how old they are and what they are doing now?

Mel N.Y. said...

It's my picture, and no credit is needed. I enjoy other peoples donkey pictures and hope they enjoy mine. This was the best picture I ever took. :-) The boys are three years old now and have a job guarding calves from coyotes. They were the last foals I had. It was just too hard for me to say goodby to my baby's any more!

Tish said...

It is a great picture, a lot of captions would fit. When I first saw it, my first thought was the little black and white magnetic Scottie dogs of my childhood. It would make a great painting. Glad they got to stay together. I know what you mean about saying good-bye, I'm not geared for that part of rescue, no matter what their age.....!!!!