Thursday, May 08, 2014


Today was grooming day for about half the donkeys and Rusty the mule.  Janice said she had never groomed donkeys before, but she seemed to have a good time and of course the donkeys thought it was great.  I think Quilla wins the prize for the most hair brushed off.  The ground in his pen almost looked like it was covered with snow.  Rusty the mule, is shedding quite a bit too.  Must have something to do with being white, since both of them are mostly white.  She said she would be back, I'm sure the donkeys are hoping she makes it...........!!!! 

I've been trying to get Daisy's annual  body clipping done for the last week, but it hadn't happened.  I figured if Janice could brush I should be able to clip, so I got out my toys, dragged Daisy out of her pen, to the feed room, and went to work.  

This is before I started.  Because of her Cushings disease she does not shed at all.  If I didn't clip her, she would go thru the hot summer with all this hair.  




I know one of the 1st things you are suppose to do when clipping is make sure your victim is clean.  Most donkeys, I would say all of ours do NOT like water to touch their bodies, so I just grit my teeth and clip whatever is there.  When I got done I came in and ordered a new set of blades...........!!! LOL  I brushed some of the rocks, gravel and dirt out, but there was still quite a bit.  Now I will have 2 sets of blades, once I get the old ones sharpened again.  I had them sharpened last year, but they don't stay sharp long if you don't take care of them.  

Poor Daisy, by the time I got done, all her buddies like Tula and Frijolita had disappeared.  First she had to scratch and bite all over her body.  I guess getting the hair off made it easier to scratch itchy places.  Then she started yelling to find her friends.  The problem is, when the donkeys yell to find the others, the missing ones never answer them, same with the mules.  Jack the mule use to yell for Rusty and I don't think Rusty ever answered him.  Now if Rusty loses Reba he yells for her, same deal. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the picture here. I enjoyed helping and getting some experience with donkeys. They were all nice to work with. Janice

Tish said...

Believe me they enjoyed the brushing. Thanks for coming out.