Saturday, May 17, 2014


 BOAZ'S KNEE, MAY16, 2014

The hay was delivered yesterday as planned on time...........I love it when people do what they say they are going to do, thanks Chris and Carlos.....!!!  It looks good and the analysis is pretty good.  

John has been complaining about long hay for quite some time.  I guess horse people like the long hay because it doesn't blow away, but if you are weighing hay rather than feeding it by the flake, long compacted hay isn't fun.  At least that's what John says, I do the mush buckets he weighs hay, we tend to stay out of the other one's area.  We haven't stayed married all these years by working together, believe me.......!!!   

When they were unloading the hay off the truck with the squeeze one of the bales decided to take a header.  I guess John was nosy and wanted to see how the new hay was, because he weighed that bale out this morning.  Came in the house, shouting from the roof tops how great that hay is.  What's really great is, it's nice and green and soft too, so we'll see tonight what the "experts" think.  Hopefully the whole load will be like this.  Chris brings good loads, we had a broker one time bringing hay.  Took us 2 years to figure out that the squeezes that were unloaded all the way in the back of the hay barn were not very good.  Probably not by accident, he figured by the time we got to the back of the barn, we would just feed it and go on.  We did the first year, but when the same thing happened the 2nd year, we decided it probably wasn't an accident. 

I think I've figured out what is bothering Boaz.  Sometimes I wish these guys were not so stoic  and were more like horses, when it comes to wounds etc.  Last night I noticed the right side of his mouth looked swollen.  Of course he didn't want it messed with, when I got in there I found 3 large spots of habronema larvae, that have been there long enough, the larvae were easy to see.  UGH........I hate those things, they can do so much damage and are really hard to eradicate.  Especially on the inside of the mouth.  There is no way I can think of to keep flies off.  At first he wasn't cooperative at all.  But once I put some ivermectin on them and started using a cloth to rub them out and picking some of the larger ones out, he seemed to appreciate getting rid of them.  Cleaned a little more this morning, but there are a lot still in there and of course they draw more flies, as we always say, the flies come to visit the kids.  They are responsible for transporting the eggs of the stomach worms that cause the problem.  I left a tube of wormer in his pen, so every time we see him we'll glob some on the sores and I'll work on it once a day to remove the bodies.  Hopefully that will turn the flies away enough not to reinfect.  IT'S GOING TO BE A LONG SUMMER, I have a feeling.......!!!  LOL

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