Monday, May 12, 2014

PEPPER'S THE MAN........!!!!


Well, at least he thinks he is.  Cheyenne is 32 inches tall, she is the littlest mini we have.  This morning she was "entertaining" and seemed to think Pepper might be the answer to her prayers......!!!   John said she clacked, peed, backed up in his face and he was more than willing.  Unfortunately at 32 inches she's a little short, although with his crippled up legs, short might be good.  But not that short.  John said he ended up with one leg over her back, trying to figure out how to move the other one and finally gave up, much to her disgust.  If Pepper had good legs this place would probably get an x-rating........!!!!   LOL  

So far, so good on the skin problems, seem to be keeping ahead of them, well except for Boaz and Cisco's "boy parts".  My theory for what it's worth is, the problem starts with allergies in the spring.  This year I started with the Benedryl early with Cisco.  He's not a real good subject because he hates flies so bad, if one lands on his sheath, he will drop and scoot, which of course makes sores, which draws flies, etc.  Boaz is a little more stoic about flies, but they both ended up warm, swollen and I assume itchy, because they both ended up with "wounded" boy parts from scooting.  So a quick slathering of Thuja zinc oxide in the morning and they are good to go.  

I've got 4 in polo wraps so far, although Rosie actually has a brown gauze on one leg, because her baldness goes above the knee.  I tried putting a man's sock on her yesterday, but sometime during the day she laid down and bloodied her knee thru the sock, which thrilled the flies no end.  They couldn't get to the sore, but they sure loved the outside of the sock at the spot.  So I just wrapped the whole leg in gauze with a bandage over the knee, so it can hopefully heal.  These bare knees and legs are a real challenge, and it's a long term problem, actually a lifetime problem for them.  Needless to say, they are pretty much unadoptable.

I'll be racing this Saturday night.  This last week-end they had autocross racing for buggies and trucks.  They went in with lots of new clay and big equipment and made jumps and mud holes and all sorts of obstacles to make the races exciting.  All that will be taken out, but the track says the Hornet track is larger and now has banking.  John is going to Tucson today and I asked him to go by the track and "spy", so I might get an idea of what the changes are before I go out try to figure out where the track is.........!!!! LOL

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