Friday, May 30, 2014

OH BOY....!!!! IT'S HOT.........!!!


Usually we are a little cooler than Tucson, but the last couple of days we're right up there over 100 with them.  It's suppose to get a little hotter each day at least thru the week-end.  Racing tomorrow night will be brutal, by the time you put on the safety equipment you are already dripping wet.  You hope the race in front of you has a good clean short race, so you don't have to "roast" sitting in staging.  Some of the drivers go to staging with their equipment off, even get out of the car and somehow manage to be ready when it's time to go on the track.  I'm just not that coordinated.  What we are willing to do for a few minutes of fun........!!!! LOL

A few days ago we noticed Cisco had rubbed his cheek area underneath the fly mask and below it.  When we picked him up years ago, both sides of his face were a mess, but over the years we've managed to keep his face clean without sores.  It looked like a fly probably got up underneath the fly mask and Cisco did what he could to get rid of it, which means rubbing his face raw and to the bone.  Looks like Boaz isn't the only one that will need a Crusader long mask.  Renee is making a couple for Boaz to cover the side of his mouth, looks like I'll probably use the extra one for Cisco at least until we get him healed.  

Boaz's mouth is doing well, I think I'm getting ahead of the habronema larvae.  Picked out the last big one I could see yesterday and this morning it looked pretty good.  I'm keeping it slathered with Ivermecterin as best I can with the idea, if a fly does land and drop eggs, the Ivermectin will kill them.  

Rosie's belly is doing great, dried up and healing well.  About the only other health problem we're dealing with is stable flies on the legs.  It looks like Penny, Quilla and some of the others will probably be in polo wraps for the duration.  

Saw our first snake a few days ago.  Pretty good sized gopher snake, or whatever people call them these days.  Rather mellow fellow, he was headed for the trees on the north side of the house, but didn't seem to be in a hurry.  Hung around while I went in and got the camera and yard stick, and stayed there when John put the yardstick down by him.  I didn't realize until later I didn't get all of him in the picture, should have backed up a step or two, I guess.

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