Sunday, June 01, 2014


Not exactly sure I ever wanted to do it, but I got disqualified last night for rough driving.  I'm waiting to see the video, to see how bad I was........!!! LOL  Afterwards I talked to the race director and the general manager, which was not very informative.  One told me the other one was in charge, the other one told me the other one made the decision.  And no specifics..........!!!!  Grrrrrrr........!!!!  

I was too tired to really pitch a fit.  On the 2nd lap, someone ran me off the track and I lost my power steering.  It was like driving a very uncooperative Mac Truck.  If I'd known they were going to DQ me I would have not hung on for 18 more laps.  When I came in and John figured out what the problem was I asked him why it was so hard to drive.  I drove it for 3 years without power steering, but he said the rack and pinon for power steering is different and almost impossible to steer.  No kidding, I figured that out real quick..........!!!! LOL

Got home and John went out to let the fur kids out.  He came back in too quickly and said he needed help with Pepper.  It seems Pepper had laid down on his right side in his pen and had gotten cast, which means he got his legs under the corral panels and was trapped.  We had to take the panel down, he laid there for awhile and clambered to his feet.  Ended up with rub spots on all his boney spots on that side, poor old guy.   But he headed out into the night like he had somewhere important to go.  John said this morning he was using his head at a weapon, guess John wasn't doing something right, so I guess he suffered no permanent ill effects. 

IS IT HOT ENOUGH FOR YOU.......???  We are starting off June above 100 degrees, so far they are saying it might cool off a few degrees later this week.  June is usually our hottest month, so it's not a big surprise.  The donkeys for the most part take it in stride, they find trees to stand under and wait for it to cool off.  They aren't very cooperative when it's hot, if they've found a relatively cool spot to hang out, it's almost impossible to get them to move.  

Except for Wister and Ruger, the 2 youngsters.  I looked out a couple of days ago in the heat of the afternoon and they were playing "you chase me and I'll chase you".  I didn't think it would last very long, but they chased around for 5 or 10 minutes, silly boys.......!!!

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