Monday, June 16, 2014


I hope I'm not getting paranoid, but Saturday night at the races I wasn't feeling the love from management......!!!! LOL  When I got there I looked around for the meeting we were suppose to have to tell me what a horrible person I am.  Couldn't find anything, although the manager did wave to me from across the pits.  

So I headed out, on an apology tour of the pits, to explain my position especially after seeing the 2nd video, which shows the car coming across the track in front of me, and leaving me no place to go.  Did all my "bowing and scraping" and got ready to do it again.......!!!! LOL  Well maybe not, exactly.  

When we run the heat race, if you finish 3rd or better, you draw a numbered poker chip for your starting position in the main.  I finished 3rd, (can we say, conservative driving.......LOL) and drew #5 to start.  When I checked the line-up board my car number wasn't even up there but the # 5 was.  We don't even have a # 5 Hornet.  So I told the girls they changed it and when I drove to staging, the guy kept trying to put me in the back, even showed me the line-up sheet with # 5 in 5th position.  Explained it and he saw the problem.  Went out on the track and the next thing I know they are telling the car behind me to get in front of me.  She went up there, the race started and she and I finished 1st and 2nd.  Needless to say, I protested.  Got about half an apology, but of course it's like referee calls, you can't take it back.  In the last 2 races I've lost about12-13 possible points, because of bad calls.  They are going to be hard to make up, but I'll try. 

Everybody seems to be doing pretty good, no new problems, just dealing with the old ones.  I had said something to Kathy Dean at Longhopes Donkey Shelter in Colorado about using polo wraps on legs.  This week she sent me a box with quite a few polo wraps, she said they were laying around and they don't use them much.  She also sent some new long crew socks.  I told her they won't know what to do with new socks, I always use John and the neighbor's worn out ones to cover their legs.......!!!   LOL  Kathy has an outstanding rescue and sanctuary.  I think she probably does more with a dollar than any other rescue in the country. 

A couple of days ago, when John went out in the afternoon to round up, Pepper was down in the big wash.  He had been down, in the afternoon sun for quite awhile and was over heated, almost panting.  Didn't know if we'd be able to get him up or not, rolled him over and while he didn't pop right up, he got up pretty quick.  I told John to bring him to one of the water hoses under a tree.  It took awhile for him to get there, his poor old crippled legs take awhile to start working again.  I started hosing him down, usually he hates water, but there was a nice breeze coming thru and he stood really still, so I guess he liked it.  Then I used a scraper to get the excess water off him.  When you hose a hot equine down, you don't leave the water on them, because their body heat, heats up the water and defeats the purpose of hosing them down.  If they are really in stress, you can also use alcohol or witch hazel, which is suppose to cool them off quicker, I've never had to do that, so can't say. 

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