Saturday, June 07, 2014


John got a "kitchen pass" to go to the asphalt track tonight.  This will be the last race night for a friend of ours, and I guess the track is going to acknowledge him during intermission.  I don't like asphalt anyway, so I stayed home, rather than get a sitter for Mother.  John can tell me about it when he gets home.  

When the track opens up again in July, our son should have his modified up and running.  The dirt track only has the Super Stocks running about 5 times this year.  That isn't enough to make it worthwhile to have a car.  Rod plans on running the dirt when they race, but in between he's going over to the "dark" side........!!!  LOL  He's ran a modified before but it was on dirt, I'm sure it's a lot different, guess he'll find out.  

We finally saw 2 different videos of the races last Saturday night to see what all the hullabaloo was about.  One of the young kids got 2 fingers broke, when he and I went into the infield and he hit a tractor tire.  I'm sure the ones yelling for my blood won't care, but he lost control on the top side of the track and when he came back down on the track, he was broadside in front of me.  I had nowhere to go.  I don't know if they've seen the videos, probably aren't interested, they "know" what happened........sigh..!!  The lack of power steering,  kept me to the outside of the track for the rest of the race, because it wasn't controllable, going into the turns.  The other incident on the last lap had a truck coming out of turn 4 right in front of me.  That's not a place drivers usually slow down, so I closed on her real quick.  When I tried to go inside of her, the lack of power steering raised it's ugly head and tried to shoot me towards the outside edge of the track.  Unfortunately she was already in that area.   So she went flying off the track, in a hurry.  There is suppose to be a meeting, before next week's race for everyone to have their say.  That should be fun, guess I'll find out, since I'm the guest of honor........!!!  LOL 

Everyone seems to be doing pretty good right now.  When it's this hot they don't do much except find shade and stay there.  John said some of them came up to the garage this afternoon to see if he was doing anything interesting.  He said they didn't stay long, so I guess they weren't impressed. 

I will be letting them out tonight since John isn't here, which they aren't going to like.  John gives them treats when he lets them out.  I think getting out should be treat enough, so no treats.........!!!  I have to move really quick though, because they turn into a vicious mob, when no treats are forthcoming......!!! Well maybe not vicious, but they can get pushy. 


Patti Woodbury-Kuvik said...

OMG - were you saved from your vicious mob of donkeys?
Do you need to be save from the vicious mob of race officials?

Tish said...

No problem with the donkeys I keep moving fast enough to keep them confused......LOL I swear they start looking suspicious at each other like, "did you get a treat?"

I'll find out about the race mob Sat before the races. I'm also on the race directors "list" too I'm sure, since I called him a liar in an e-mail, told him I expected an apology and not to bother finding me, because I will find him. I can imagine him slinking around trying to stay out sight and keep track of where I'm at before the races. Should be a fun evening.....!!!! LOL