Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ruger and Justin

Almost every morning for the last week or so, Justin and Ruger have been playing in the morning while waiting for the "lazy" people to come out and serve breakfast.  We know when they are playing, because Boofer, the neighbor dog that lives here instead of at home, starts rooting for one or the other.  Then our dogs Anubis and Nicki of course have to join in.  If we look out by the well house we can usually see dust flying as they play.  

This morning I went out with the camera to get some video.  It's really cute because Ruger is a standard and Justin is a mini.  Doesn't bother Justin in the least, he seems to think he's as big and tough as anyone........!!!

I tried to be as quiet as possible, but they kept going behind the well house and water storage tank.  So I had to go closer to my subjects.  Even though they were busy "fighting" they noticed I was there and of course quit to come see what I was doing, and if I might be handing out treats........!!!! BRATS!

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