Friday, June 13, 2014


 Farmer plowing with primitive plow near Jerusalem 1935

This is the weather I warn John about in the winter when he's whining about being cold.  Right now the humidity is going up, hopefully the beginning of the monsoon season, which generally starts around this time.  We actually had a few drops of rain a couple of days ago.  Now we just have the humidity........!!!!  

We 're suppose to have some teenagers come out this afternoon from an organization in Benson to groom.  They are suppose to be here from 3-5..............hmmmm.......... that is the hottest part of the day and these are city kids.  Doubt there will be much grooming done unfortunately, because some of them, like BlackJack, Cisco, Coquette and a couple of others really need to get rid of the extra hair they are carrying around. 

I'm happy to report that Boaz's habronema damage on the side of his mouth is finally healing.  Getting the crusader masks with the long nose piece made all the difference in the world, by keeping the flies from reinfesting the area.  

Earlier this week we took Pepper into the vet to see why he had swelling under his eye.  I thought he might need to have the duct that runs from the eye to the nose flushed, except the eye wasn't watering a lot.  She said she thought it was probably just habronema, she found a little spot I'd missed.  When that happened I have no idea he wears a mask 24/7.  She said worm him once a week for the duration.  I figured if it was good for him it would be good for my other 2 compromised guys, so Cisco and Boaz will both get wormed once a week too.  I even got some apple flavored wormer, if this is going to be regular thing, might as well make it taste a little better.  None of them like the cheap stuff I usually use..............!!!!  LOL

Today is John's birthday......!!!  We don't do much celebrating, figure we're lucky to make it this far, that's celebrating enough............LOL  We were going to try to go out for dinner, but with the kids coming we'll wait.  We could go Sunday for Father's Day or wait until next Tuesday, which will be our 53rd wedding anniversary.  Ah! decisions, decisions......!!!  We'll probably do it when it works in, we've found out if we make plans, something usually happens.  It's better to just change our clothes after chores and head for town......!!! 

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