Sunday, June 29, 2014


This is BlackJack checking out my trophy.  Since my number is 21x we've got BlackJack Racing written across the trunk, so he's our mascot I guess.  John complained because the car wasn't clean.  But if a dirt track car is clean, it hasn't been racing...........!!!!! 

Brought it home in one piece, well except for a few "bruises" and one complaint from a competitor that something rough on my car, flattened her tire.  Hmmmm.............  John doesn't always get around to fixing torn metal, especially if it is in "important" areas on the car.  She was trying to nose her way underneath my car coming out of a turn and unfortunately for her, she wasn't far enough up on my car to be doing a "legal" pass and caught the rough edges around my rear tire.............Sorry.....!!!  LOL

We got to bed about 3am and of course the donkeys insist on a 7am wake up call for breakfast, so it's been a long day.  Courtney came out this afternoon and did feet on 15 different animals.  I can watch her work and my back just cringes.......!!!   She uses a rotary sander to trim their feet, which is much quicker than using nippers and a long as you know what you're doing.  But it's still a lot of bending over.  

We're going to bed early tonight, probably as soon as John lets the "fur kids" out after they finish their hay. 

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