Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I HATE WIND....................!!!!

Seems like the last few days, wind has been a large part of our daily lives.  I know, spring in the desert, what should I expect?  It's not as if I haven't lived in other desert areas, which "surprise" have wind in the spring.  But, I don't have to like it........!!!! LOL  The weatherman says this is just a warm up for Wednesday night.  NIGHT, I thought wind was suppose to die down at night.........I hope she's wrong.  

Doctoring is going pretty good, we seem to be staying ahead of open sores and gooey places.  I got a black light flashlight as per Patti's suggestion to look at bald spots and see if they might be ring worm or something.  She forgot the most important thing when dealing with Tish, very simple instructions.........!!!!  Like, what the hell am I looking for.......??  LOL  I went out this morning and looked at all of Boaz's spots.  All of them just showed up with a purple light except for one that was pretty gooey from zinc oxide, it had little bright dots, mostly on the hair, so I assume the zinc oxide had something to do with it. 
 The eyes and penicillin wash is going well, although I do think I have a tear duct aka nasolacrimal duct possibly plugged.  Dr. Nancy will be back in town next Monday and we're doing OK, so we'll just watch it for now.  

It seems like every day we get farther and farther behind with getting stuff done.  I have no idea where time goes, and usually at the end of the day, I can't really  name much accomplishment, it's mostly "stamping out forest fires", rather than actually being able to stand back and appreciate a job well done.  Oh! well we aren't bored........!!! LOL

Racing this week-end, John was trying to figure out some way of putting one of the golf cars up on the trailer sideways, ahead of the race car.  Good idea, but the golf cart has a pick-up bed on the back which makes it longer than 8 feet.  That means it would stick out past the fenders, also past the bed of the trailer.  He rigged up some ramps sideways on the trailer that stuck out past the fender, for the wheels to sit on.  Tried it out, but you talk about jeri-rigged, I can't imagine driving down the highway with that thing bouncing along.  SCARY.....!!!  He's trying to figure out some way of getting across the track if I win another race without having to "beat feet".  I told him if he did manage to figure out a way to get a golf cart to the track, I'll probably never win another race........!!!!  LOL 

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