Monday, April 07, 2014


It's been 3 months since Tyler trimmed her excessively overgrown feet and set an elongated shoe on her right front to keep it from turning backwards.

First of all let me say, this is the 2nd time recently I have gotten a finger or in this case a thumb caught up inside a donkey mouth.  When we were trying to get Gigi in the trailer this morning, I offered an animal cracker as incentive and I guess she was afraid I wasn't going to give it to her.  The nail is loose on the side, which let the blood ooze out this afternoon, so the nail lost it's black color.  It's still oozing, which John seems to think is a good thing.  I actually had a split on that thumb that has really been sore for weeks, haven't been able to get it to heal.  For some reason it hasn't bothered me at all since this happened.........!!!! LOL

When we started getting her in the trailer this morning, she really wasn't trying to be difficult, and loaded much easier than we expected.  John jacked the front of the trailer up, to make the back  lower, so she wouldn't have to jump so high.  We let her look at it a few minutes, I tried putting up a front foot a couple of times and all of a sudden she hopped up and in.  

We hauled her into Nancy's and Tyler met us there.   He observed Gigi for a little while, decided to do her in the trailer, could use the walls for support and try to do her standing up.  Nancy gave her a happy shot and Tyler and Buster went to work.

Tyler seems to think she will not turn the foot back, so he cut all the long growth and epoxy off.  It's really not epoxy, but I don't know what it is.  It looks like tar, but was a real bear to get off, some tough stuff. 

 He put a regular shoe on that is just a little larger than her trimmed foot and she seems to be just fine with it. 

This was after we got home and she seems to be doing good.

I think she looks great.  She was really pretty good on the front feet, but when he got ready to do the backs, she let him know that was over the line.  She can kick and really quick.  So for her trouble she got another happy shot.  

Tyler seems to think we won't have to bring her to Nancy's in the future, should be able to do her here.   That will be much easier on her and us, although I'm not sure about Tyler......!!! LOL

You might notice her other front hoof looks a little deformed.  Tyler seems to think the deformity was from the hoof being so overgrown.  The growth coming out of the coronet is coming out nice and straight, so we're hoping eventually it will be more normal. 


ellie k said...

How long has it been since you had a tetanus shot? I had to have one this morning, I cut my thumb on a rusty grill part. The feet are looking better, thanks for taking of these lovely creatures.

Tish said...

Years, can't remember. We were just talking the other day, when John ripped his hand on a piece of metal on the race car, about we should get some tetanus shots. We're not willing to go to the doctor just for that, and haven't had a reason to go to the doctor. I wonder if they use the same dose and type for people as they do for equine........hmmmmmm......might not have to go to the doctor......LOL

Wendy said...

Oh my - I KNOW you're independent! But it has made me chuckle to think of you measuring out the equine/human equivalent for the tetanus shot! Just don't give it to yourselves in the neck! ;)

Tish said...

I'm still thinking about it.........LOL

ellie k said...

Go on line and you should be able to find the correct dosage for humans. You really need the shot, I hear lock jaw is really bad.

Tish said...

I think it's pretty much fatal, I don't worry so much about Gigi's little chompers that clamped down on my thumb. Something that's been in contact with dirt is another story, from what I understand tetanus is in the dirt in lots of places.

ellie k said...

I think you are right, it comes from dirt and germs.