Friday, April 04, 2014


We never know what we are going to find when we are out with the donkeys.  Last night I was filling up water buckets in the pens.  I noticed one looked like it had a lizard in the bottom that had drown.  I hate to find lizards or mice in the buckets, we try to keep them full, so if the little critters fall in hopefully they can get out.  

So I dumped the bucket to clean it and low and behold, it wasn't a lizard, it was a piece of roasted chicken breast about 5 inches long.  My first thought was, where in the world did that come from?  We haven't had roasted chicken in ages and we certainly wouldn't put the leftovers in the water buckets, if we did.  

Our resident ravens are the likeliest culprits.  They have an affinity for trying to wash their food or soak it or something.  We find all sorts of food stuffs in the waterers, up to and including bread.  Believe me, that is NOT appreciated, that calls for a dump and they seem to like the Ritchie watererer for bread, which is not a simple dump.  

They raised one baby last year, so far this year we've only seen one, so we assume the baby got ran off and momma is sitting on the nest, and poppa is going out shopping.

Actually we also have raccoons, but we've seen the ravens dunking food in the waterers.  I had a raccoon as a pet when I was little.  One of my favorite things was to give Butch a sugar cube and watch him wash it............!!!  Kids are such cruel little beings aren't they......????? 

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